Refund Policy

Force Majeure:
SF Elite Volleyball (SFE) shall be excused from the performance of its obligations for all services and programs rendered under this Agreement to the extent that such performance is prevented by force majeure (defined below) and SFE promptly provides notice of such prevention to their customers. Such excuse shall be continued so long as the condition constituting force majeure continues. SFE also shall notify customers of the anticipated duration of such force majeure, any actions being taken to avoid or minimize its effect after such occurrence, and shall take reasonable efforts to remove the condition constituting such force majeure. For purposes of this Agreement, force majeure, shall include conditions beyond the control of SFE, including an act of God, acts of terrorism, voluntary or involuntary compliance with any regulation, law or order of any government, war, acts of war (whether war be declared or not), labor strike or lock-out, civil commotion, epidemic, pandemic, failure or default of public utilities or common carriers, destruction of production facilities or materials by fire, earthquake, storm or like catastrophe. The payment of invoices due and owing hereunder shall in no event be delayed by SFE customers because of a force majeure affecting SFE or their customers.

Club Team Refund Policy:
Includes Girls and Boys Indoor Club Seasons and Girls and Boys Beach Seasons. Because SFE fills up in most divisions and team spaces, each player that is signed up and subsequently drops from a team after tryout day takes a spot from another player.

NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER MAKING A COMMITMENT AND REGISTERING FOR A TEAM AND/OR SEASON. NO EXCEPTIONS (includes injury, sickness, lack of playing time, quitting the team, non-participation from the player, change in coaching staff on a team).

If any part of the season or event is cancelled by SFE, NCVA, USA Volleyball, WCVBA, JVA,  or other volleyball organization, SFE will provide a cash refund where available. The cash refund for an event will be contingent on SFE receiving a refund from the host organization. Any partial season refund or event refund will be prorated after deducting 20% of the player's fee for the club's overhead expenses, and deducting the player's clothing package costs. After that, the remaining amount will be prorated by the number of practices and tournaments that were not completed by the team.

Camp, Lesson, and Clinic Refund Policy:
Includes Camps, Clinics, and Lessons.
All lesson, camp, and clinic purchases are final and no refunds will be given for a player not attending (this includes injury or sickness).
All clinic packages purchased MUST be used during the season they are purchased (ex: Spring Summer clinic packages must be used by the spring summer season).
No refunds or exchanges will be given for outstanding clinics not used from your purchased package.
Prior to camp, clinic, lesson start: if SFE cancels a full refund will be given.
During camp, clinic, lesson: if SFE cancels a prorated refund will be given.

Clothing/Uniform Refund Policy:
All sales for player and parent clothing and apparel are final and no refunds or exchanges will be given after purchase.

Tryout and Open Gym Refund Policy:
All tryout and open gym purchases are final and no refunds will be given (this includes injury or sickness). If we cancel due to county and state regulations, we will give a refund.