Who We Are

SF Elite Volleyball Club was formed in 2017 by a group of highly dedicated individuals who saw the opportunity to create a different volleyball club experience in the San Francisco area, and in so doing raise the level of the sport throughout the Bay Area. Collectively, SF Elite's founders have a combined 50-plus years of experience playing, teaching, training, and coaching volleyball at the highest level. We are bringing this wealth of experience and energy to enable SF Elite to have an immediate impact on youth volleyball in the Bay Area.

SF Elite Philosophy

We at SF Elite believe that foundational to any volleyball club's success is having a consistent learning environment and culture in place. To that end, our club's philosophy is to have a master teaching structure in place that forms the foundation for how our coaches develop our athletes. While each team's personality will vary based on the individual coaches and personnel involved, the overall approach and drive for excellence will be guided by SF Elite's philosophy. The benefits of such an approach are numerous. Coaches and players alike will speak the same language, and more often than not be on the same page about the expectations for success. The members of the SF Elite community will espouse the same beliefs, ideals, and ambitions.

In addition to SF Elite's core philosophy, we believe there are other ingredients that are critical to a volleyball club's success:
  • Development of the whole person - we teach and develop our young women to not only excel on the volleyball court but also in school and in life
  • The community as family - our strong belief is that only through the support of the entire community - coaches, parents, and teammates - can an athlete develop the character, confidence, leadership skills, and work ethic to truly be successful, both individually and as part of a team
  • Club characteristics - at SF Elite we believe nothing is more important than doing things the right way, with integrity, respect, discipline, sportsmanship, and honor. If we all stick to these beliefs, we cannot help but be successful
  • Don't forget to have fun! - we believe competitiveness, hard work, and fun can and should co-exist. We want our players and coaches to always nurture their passion and love for the sport of volleyball. Form lifelong friendships and relationships while you are part of the SF Elite family.

SF Elite's Mission

Developing the character and integrity of our young athletes to enable success in life through excellence in volleyball.