Great showing for SF Elite at Cal Kickoff 2018!

January 15, 2018 - Excellent results for SF Elite from the California Kickoff Tournament January 13-14, 2018, putting our club in great position heading into Power League Qualifiers. Every one of our teams finished at least 20 spots ahead of our starting seed for the tournament.

15-Saga: record of 8-0, Cal Kickoff Champions
13-Velvet: record of 8-0, Cal Kickoff Champions
14-Saga: record of 7-1, 2nd Place
11-Bill: record of 6-2, 2nd Place
12-Christina: record of 5-1, 3rd Place
16-Kelly: record of 3-3, 5th Place
13-Andre: record of 4-1, 9th Place
12-Karen: record of 2-3, 13th Place
15-Velvet: record of 3-4, 21st Place