Private Lessons & Small Group Training

• All Participants MUST complete the Parent Consent Waiver (LINK)
Last minute cancellations are subject to court rental fee payment.

Booking Procedure

• Contact Coach via Email Links below. Make sure to include the following:
      Player Name, 
      Player Birthdate (age),
      Preferred Postion (if applicable)
• Coaches will contact you will available court time 
• Court rental and lesson fee is payable to coaches.

Coaches Available for Lesson

All Bios Located here:

Jason Erdenebaatar (email)
14-18’s All Levels
Setters, Middles, and Serving

Leo Fung (email)
All Ages
All Skills 

Manono Hunkin (email)
10-14's All Levels
All Skills 

14-16's Beginner/Intermediate
Setting, Hitting 

Michael Manalo (email)
All Ages
All Skills 

Teddy Niemira (email)
All Ages
All Skills 
Specializes in the Serve/Pass game and preparing highschool athletes for college competition

Lynn Niemira (email)
All Ages
All Skills 

Contact Us

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