Practice Facilities

South San Francisco and CCSF Gym/Fitness Center

Our flagship in South San Francisco is a state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot volleyball facility with four complete, full size indoor volleyball courts.

Features of our South San Francisco facility:

  • Four Large, Full-Size Volleyball Courts
  • 18,000 square foot facility
  • State of the art hitting, receiving, setting and defense training equipment
  • Homework / Study Center
  • Video review area
  • Parent lounge area
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi
  • Easy, available parking
In addition to our SSF Facility, some practices may be held at the beautiful gym of City College of San Francisco Gym and Fitness Center.


Our facility is located at 1422 San Mateo Ave. in South San Francisco, CA.

CCSF Gym and Fitness Center is locaged at 50 Phelan Ave in San Francisco, CA