What is the WCVBA?
The West Coast Volleyball Association is a Junior Volleyball Association league formed by a collaboration of clubs in the Northern California and Northern Nevada areas. The goal of the WCVBA is to provide a high-quality, safe environment for clubs across our geographical regions to compete in. Our focus will be to create a healthy, competitive experience while paying particular attention to effective communication, transparency, quality facilities, paid officials, and competitive tournament formats. We are a member focused and member driven organization.

Who is running the WCVBA?
The WCVBA is managed by the Executive Director of the league and supported by 5 members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is made up of the following individuals:
Executive Director - Matt McEvoy, Owner/Director of SynergyForce VBC
Director of Communications- Jason Sterrett, Owner/Director of Northern Nevada Juniors
Director of Competitions-Dustin Moore, Director of City Beach Volleyball Club
Director of Compliance and Business Operations- Meg Herr, Director of NorCal VBC
Director of Finance- Jim Ross, Former Owner/Director of Xceleration Volleyball Club
Director of League Operations - Gabe Leal, Partner of Omn1 Volleyball Club

What is the WCVBA League Committee?
Each club in the WCVBA is represented by an individual on the League Committee. The purpose of the League Committee is to share perspectives, offer feedback and provide direction to the Executive Committee. League Committee meetings are not open to the public.

How is the WCVBA insured?
The WCVBA is insured by the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA). They will provide all our insurance needs to compete within this league.

Can clubs who participate in the WCVBA also participate in other governing body (AAU, USAV, etc.) events such as Triple Crown, AAU Championships, or GJNC?
Yes. The WCVBA encourages members of our league to grow the game of volleyball and we do not limit participation in other events. Clubs seeking to be members of JVA for the WCVBA League and a member of another organization (ie USAV/AAU) will need to know and uphold the policies and procedures of all organizations to maintain compliance with them all.

Will the WCVBA Girls League be competitive?
Yes. Like-skill clubs, along with geographical location were major factors in determining the best clubs to invite into the Girls League for our first year. The clubs that have joined this new league have been some of the top clubs within the NCVA power league region. 2020-2021 clubs include City Beach, Encore, Empire, MVVC, NorCal, NNJ, OMN1 (formerly Rage Sac), Rage Westside, SF Elite, SynergyForce, Xceleration.

What is the structure of the WCVBA Girls League?
The structure of the WCVBA Girls League has been used in other areas of the country with great success, although it is new to California. There will be 3 divisions: 15-18 Open, 13-16 Championship, and 12 and Under Championship. Club Directors will self-select which division teams play in, but the League reserves the right to move teams around if its beneficial for the League. The Open division will be comprised of elite, High School aged teams. The 13-16 Championship division will be comprised of all teams aged 13-14 and 15-16 teams that did not select to compete in Open. The 12 Championship division will be comprised of all teams 12 and under.

What is the playing format for each division?
Each division will be ran the same with 6 League Events playing over 3 weekends. The first two League Events (played on the first weekend) will be a combination of pool and bracket play to get teams playing other teams of like-skill as quickly as possible. League Events 3,4, (weekend 2) and League event 5 (weekend 3) will be bracket play with the top 3 finishers moving up a bracket and bottom 3 finishers moving down a bracket after each League Event. For League Event 6 (weekend 3) the top teams in each age group will be pulled out to compete for a paid bid to AAU Nationals and to award the WCVBA Age Group Champions.

Where will WCVBA League Events be held?
It was determined by the Executive Committee that all 2020-2021 Girls League Events will be held at the Placer Valley Event Center (@ the grounds, 700 Event Center Dr, Roseville, CA 95678). This Event Center is a brand new, state of the art venue offering many amenities to our club families such as team camp sites, concessions, and plenty of space to play in their 24-court facility. This site also offers a central location for teams in the League so clubs should not have to drive more than 1.5-2 hours per event. Additionally, since we are in an area of uncertainty with COVID, it provides comfort knowing that a facility can control and sustain a safe and healthy playing atmosphere for our athletes and families.

Will the WCVBA League provide officials for each match?
Yes. The WCVBA has partnered with the PBSO (Pacific Sierra Board of Officials) to ensure that each match will have an R1official provided.

Will teams be able to receive a bid to Girls Junior National Championships?
No, but paid entry registration to AAU Championships in Orlando will be offered for top age group finishers in the WCVBA. The top 2 winners of each age group 13-18 along with the top finisher in the 15 and 16 age group in the Championship Division will receive a paid bid to the AAU Championships.

Are the WCVBA League Events Stay and Play events?
No. The WCVBA events are not Stay and Play events as we believe that Club Directors should be allowed to book lodging (or not!) at any location that is beneficial for their own club. The WCVBA is working closely with the Placer Valley City of Tourism to secure discounted rates for all attendees to take advantage of.