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The VBall.Live program is an affordable option for families who would like to work with an experienced Recruiting Coordinator and be provided an overview of how the recruiting process works, a framework for the process of capturing your child's specific interests, and have an experienced person supporting your efforts until your athlete is settled with their college of choice. Dan will be your "college counselor" for volleyball. Following an initial consultation, get your questions answered when needed by an expert in the scene. Through his 20 years of experience as a Recruiting Coordinator, Dan Kaplan understands the process involved for junior volleyball specifically, and has many collegiate coaching contacts throughout the country.

PROGRAM FEATURES ($275 using ‘SFE20 ’ discount code):

  • A 60-90 minute consultation (via phone, online, or in-person) to discuss the overall recruiting process and the dynamics specific to the athlete.
  • Unlimited inquiry via e-mail, text, or phone to get help, and questions answered during the process.
  • Communication with college coaches when needed, to ensure productive and valuable connections and a smooth process.
  • Support throughout the recruiting process, until the player is settled with a school. This is a one-time fee, so there will be no additional charges or costs.

Each family is different with respect to their needs, so support will vary depending on the athlete and their particular situation. Some examples of the nature of support families might need would include: Understanding the best path to find appropriate schools, answering questions regarding action items (when/what to send via e-mail or say in a call to a coach), help in getting connected with a coach, decisions about camp, interpreting the content of an email from a coach or the nature of a conversation with a coach, what to anticipate for a visit, how to manage the overall timeline to maximize opportunities, and helping clarify the current status of a pending opportunity. Support will ensure the athlete takes the best path with their effort.

REGISTER AT:  www.VBall.Live  and click on ‘Recruiting Guidance Info/Registration’