SF Elite Team Info

SF Elite Club Fees for the 2017-2018 season will be $3,200 per player for all 12s and older Power League teams and $2,200 for the 11s Power League team. This fee will cover the following expenses:

  • NCVA Power League registration
  • NCVA tournament entry fees - California Kickoff and President's Day
  • Far Western National Qualifier entry fee
  • Windy City National Qualifier entry fee
  • NCVA Non-League #1 entry fee
  • Head Coach and Assistant Coach salaries
  • NCVA membership fees and background checks for up to two Coaches
  • NCVA membership fee and background check for one Team Parent or Team Representative
  • Facility rental expenses for team practices, conditioning, and film sessions
  • Insurance, equipment, supplies, licenses, and administrative expenses
Club fees will not cover: uniform and gear package, players' and families' travel and lodging, Coaches' travel and lodging (for non-local tournaments only), any expenses related to additional tournaments not on the list above that teams choose to play in, and post-season expenses for teams that qualify for JNC (e.g. post-season entry fees, and post-season Coaches' salaries, facility rental, travel & lodging).

We will do our best to make group air and hotel reservations in advance to help reduce travel expenses. Teams may also choose to hold fundraisers to help cover costs.